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DeerFire started writing scripts for movies!

Posted by Bradley Penisse on June 2, 2015 at 12:40 AM

I've started writing my first movie script for the Gay Community. My movie is called: Equal = Envy. It's full of Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy. It's a little similar to the Fast and Furious franchise but it's not. I tried not to make it too similar that I'm copyrighting.

It starts out in Rochester, NY and the Gay couple who lives together in a small apartment decided to drive cross-country to Los Angeles, CA to make it for their Gay Pride in time before they miss out after their crazy last few days on the road. It'll get more intense towards the end full of action and more drama. But ultimately everything turns out alright at the end.

I'll keep you all posted on this latest project I'm working on. I've submitted the script and I'm now waiting for their response on it. It takes about 45 days. I've sent it sometime last month so I should recieve a notification in my email about if they want to move forward with it to work more on it and hopefully I can get a chance to contact them if I can star in my own movie. Then when the movie is released at LGBT Film Festivals Nationally and in Movie Theaters world wide, all my ex-boyfriends will hopefully see it and show them that they should've stayed with me because they can't tell the future or what I plan on doing with my life. I'm doing whatever it takes for me to get lots of money to become rich so I can live a over the top stable life with a Lamborghini in my driveway and my awesome Nissan Skyline R34 in my garage. Living in the Tahoe Forest or in an apartment in West L.A. close to the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier. 

Ok ya'll, WISH ME LUCK!

PS. I will also use the money to make my voice and music sound like a professional, more like radio worthy. To be aired on the radio waves! 

You can see my custom made cover photo I hope to have for my DVD cover in my "Photos"

Love you all!

Blessed Be )O(


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