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All About DeerFire

  1. How did DeerFire Started?

    How my life started is that I asked a dozon different spell casters and witches to physically transform me into a white tailed deer permanently and that diden't turned out because I needed money which I don't have. So i decided to try and do it myself which will be dangerous because I don't have any expieriance in spells/magick, etc. Then I found a spell called "Animal Transformation Spell" from It backfired and I got a painful cat scratch on my left hand because it was an animal transformation spell and in other words it hurt like hell. Then a year later I decided to form a band called DeerFire and I'll be the lead singer and play an acoustic guitar and keyboard.

  2. Will I be singing at a Local Pagan Event?

    I will be singing a couple songs that I wrote or one song at local Pagan/Wiccan Events (Ex-Pagan Pride Festivals) and at local Pagan/Wiccan Churches.

  3. Will I be casting spells on my own time?

    Absolutly. Maybe back stage or at home to help me succeed in my performance and hopefully remember every part of my songs so don't mess up and forget the lyrics with a blank stare on my face. LOL :)

  4. Why did I changed from yes to no for performing and speech?

    Because of gas and time. But I will perform and do a speech in a few states and maybe down at the HQ in Florida, but I need to get their permission first.

  5. Why do I love deer so much?

    Because when Bambi 2 first came out in March 1st, 2006 I just fell in love with that movie. The way of how the movie goes from start to finish. It touches me everytime I watch it. Well I don't watch a lot anymore, but I still watch it when ever I'm in the mood. But don't worry, I'm planning on budgeting my money to go record and publish my first album in the spring. I don't know yet.

  6. My SECRET I never told on

    I don't live with my parents. I live in a group home. But I still live with my parents. I know it may sound confusing but I stay at the group home during the week and I go home with my parents from Saturday to Sunday. Every other week I go home with my parents from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

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